The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play..
stay vs work
"at home"

Why not both?!

After all, because I "work" from home,
I get to "stay" at home
it's awesome.


"Well, what do you do?!"


I'm glad you ask.. ;D

Besides being a full-time mom,

I am an Independent Damsel Pro with
Damsel in Defense


Yes! I sell Avon!!

If you would like to browse our wares,
feel free to visit our shop
by clicking the greeting banner above! ;D

I also work with

for 10 years now!!
To learn more, feel free to
Get to Know Melaleuca
and let me know if you're interested!

I take surveys online as well
'cause I'm opinionated like that.. =P

and I'd like to try
a few other home-based businesses..

along with everything else
on my To Do List