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Ah, Bastille, my loves!
[Thank you, Ellen!]

If you don't already know them, let me introduce to you, my Husbands, my favorite band: Bastille. ;D
From left to right we have Will on bass, Woody on drums, Dan as lead vocals, and Kyle on keyboard.

In the strange case that you didn't already know of them, you should definitely watch their performance on Ellen as I did. - Amazeballs! Love at first sight like Whoa. ;D
It's funny 'cause in the comments, people were complaining about Dan sounding like he was sick but I thought he sounded amazerating and his vigor, my gosh!; I have to see them live!!
Note!: That video is no longer available for whatever reason so here's their performance on SNL instead!

You can always look them up for yourself, if you'd like to see/hear more of them but I'm going to go ahead and link them below just 'cause I want to and can.. :P, their official website, if you couldn't tell. :P
I'll let you explore that one on your own; TONS of nice things to look at and listen to.. ;D
Hint!: Sign up for their newsletter and get a free download of "Haunt (Live)"!!

BASTILLEvideos, officially, on the YouTube, apparently. And! BastilleVEVO!
A plenty of pleasures there as well but I'm gonna link a lot -if not all- of them here anyway.. ! :P
Psst! I have my own Bastille Playlist in case you're interested! ;D

'Official' videos
Bad Blood
Laura Palmer
Things We Lost in the Fire
Of the Night

Live performance videos
Now, there are a lot of them so I'll link a few of my 'favorites' but I dare you to look any others up and not feel the need to see them live yourself, as I do!
Bastille - Pompeii - Acoustic [ Live in Paris ]
Bastille - Icarus
Bastille cover Miley Cyrus' We Can't Stop in the Live Lounge - The one and ONLY way I will tolerate anything from those Cyrus Clowns! :P
Bastille // No Scrubs (live at RTL2) - Yeah, I'ma marry these guys. Mmhm, all four. Even though � of them are younger than me! :P
Studio Brussel: Bastille - Locked Out of Heaven (Mashup cover)

Interviews and such
I love, love, LOVE interviews, vlogs, and candid things 'cause I think it's so awesome to get to know people, especially those like these four! ;D
Bastille’s Dan Smith tours the Stanley Kubrick exhibition after-hours | British GQ, July 24, 2019
Bastille Talks New Album 'Doom Days,' And More In iHeartRadio's "The Box", June 20, 2019
Bastille on their new album 'Doom Days' and why Dan is 'always late', June 10, 2019
Bastille Is Surprised To Learn They're A Buzz Band, August 23, 2013
Bastille Talk Band History, Dating Techniques & More In 92.3 NOW Interview, October 7, 2013
Bastille on Getting Drunk, Breaking into Theme Parks, and Meeting Frank Ocean, October 17, 2013
A Dramatic Reading with Bastille, November 7, 2013

I'll add more when/if I remember and/or feel like it 'cause honestly, I feel like being selfish and keeping them to myself but I'm a nice person so I guess I can share! ;D

You're welcome!
Suzie ^.^

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