The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play..

These are my seven children.
Unfortunately, they were taken from me because I called the cops for help
in a domestic violence situation with their father
and in doing so, I was "admitting" to "Failure to Protect."

That is what I was told, by both the social worker who took them
and the court-appointed attorney [mis]representing me.

This was in August of 2016,
1999 Days Ago

Since then, I have given birth to my #Seventh child
and he, too, has been taken from me, at just Four Days Old

because "You have an open case.. failed to reunify.."

Yeah, because you have been lying on all of the reports.

Now, you might say
"CPS doesn't take kids for no reason."
And I would agree.
They did give a reason.
Except that it's wrong.

"How can I help?"


I'll add more when I can..