The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play..

sunday, may 22, 2022

Oh, hello, Sunday.

I woke up just before 2:00 in the morning, after having a rather violent and graphic nightmare.
It's weird, sometimes I remember my dreams but most times I don't.
This time, this nightmare felt reoccurring though I don't recall having it before.
And no, I haven't watched or played anything of that nature recently.
I laid there for a bit, not moving, sweaty, crying, not sure what to do but not wanting to fall back to that.
Eventually I did go back to sleep and now I can't recall what I dreamed after that.

Woke up in time for the weekly CannaMom High Society Clubhouse room, this week on Finding a Supporting Cannabis Community.
There won't be a meeting next week in observance of Memorial Day.

I meant to cancel my trial to Codecademy* before they charged me the $40 for the subscription but because I was trying to complete a course before that and took a little too long, I now have another month to finish it! 🥳
/sarcasm - Don't get me wrong, nothing against the subscription 'cause I am liking it, I just can't really afford it atm and was wanting to go through all the free courses, and other programs, before committing to subscribing, but now I feel like I need to only do the PRO ones while I have access to them. 🤓😅
*referral link - $20 off PRO for you, $20 Amazon gift card for me! 😉