The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play..

thursday, may 19, 2022

Helloooo, Thursday!

Gosh dang it, I stayed up too late and still forgot to take the recycling out again!?! 🤦‍♀️

The summit grind continues. 🤓
Just fyi, in case you're wondering, I don't actually watch every single interview, that'd be crazy.
I do look into every interview and person being interviewed available but only watch those that actually apply to me and can teach me something, otherwise.. 🤯😅

Day 4 of exercise done! 💪

Thursdays are for Korean.

Completed a course on Codecademy*, no biggie. 🤓😏
Pretty excited to expand my coding arsenal and watching iT evolve! 🤩
*And yes, that link is a referral link, if you want to learn some coding for yourself, if you use my link, you'll get $20 off Codecademy Pro, and I'll get a $20 Amazon gift card! 😉😉

I think I'm wearin' myself out with all the mind play I've been doin' lately, I'm exhausted and would want to take a nap but there's so much time and so little to do. 😉😅
Also, I don't care for naps. 😂