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wednesday, may 18, 2022

Happy Wednesday!

My apologies for not adding more to yesterday but I was so super busy and distracted with all the many things going on, trying to multitask it all, it's actually rather embarrassing. 😅

But it's a new day and it's a Wednesday!
It's my favorite day of the week and not for how most people associate it as "hump day" (I actually hate that phrase) but I like the name of it and also, I was born on a Wednesday.
Speaking of which, my birthday's coming up, in less than a month's time, though it's on a Saturday this year.

And my Charlie's 18th birthday is next Wednesday! 🥳

Since it is now Wednesday, I'll be starting my Duolingo streak again.
Wednesdays are for Welsh.

Suzie dw i. Menyw dw i. Pwy dych chi?
I'm Suzie. I'm a woman. Who are you?

Yes, I have languages for each day. When I remember to practice, that is, anyway. 🤓😅

Had Nagini in the kitchen with me, playing an Avon Training on Zoom while I tidied up a bit. We all know how I love to multitask. 😏😂
I'm kinda really bummed that they don't have eBrochures available anymore, I thought it was more user-friendly way to shop online 'cause I honestly don't care for the "Digital Catalog" but maybe that's just me.

I finished Day 3 of my current exercise routine. 💪

Apparently I've signed up for other summits but used a different email that I haven't been paying attention to lately.. 😬😅
We're on Day 3 of the SuperMom-in-Training Summit
And yes, I have multiple emails. 😅

I'm exhausted today. Took a tiny little "power" nap though it's hard to say it actually helped, I always wake up with a headache and disoriented.

Had to wake up to attend the Toketivity CannaMom Social. Such an amazing event.
Yes, I consume cannabis.

Back to the summit grind. 🤓

And now to take a break from thinking with some Big Bang Theory. 😂
I love Sheldon. 🤓💛

Y'all.. I'm a nerd, seriously, I love learning, I love these summits and I keep finding more and more, it's kinda ridiculous.
I'm updating the Dweller Events page (see? I have a fruggin' events page for this stuff!?!) to show you all that's coming up, in case you're interesting in participating in learning some things.