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monday, may 16, 2022

Happy Mondayy!

Let's have a productive week, shall we?

Today was Day 3 of the Free to Play Summit and I'll be honest, I don't remember signing up for it this time and I missed the first two days. 😅

The Period Coaching Summit also started already, on the 9th, I believe, so a little late but better late than never, right?! 😏
(That's a joke, get it? 'cause it's the female body's "time of the month" and.. yeah, I think you get it.) 😂

The Relationship Super Conference, Future of Blogging Summit, and The Fibromyalgia Summit (<-- that is an affiliate link) started today.

I exercised today! Wo0t!
After Baby: Toning and Cardio Boxing: Silver with my weighted gloves.
Day 1. 💪

I'ma take a short break from Duolingo just because I've missed a couple days and messed up my Streak so I want to reset it. 😅
I feel bad 'cause a few people that follow me have sent 'high fives' and such but I didn't actually deserve it?
I don't like the streak saver thing, 'cause that's not a streak if you miss days!?!
So I have to keep reminding myself to not practice today. 😂

A game with a competition for money was supposed to start today but it's going to start tomorrow instead so.. I'll update you about it then. 😉

My next Parks & Rec meeting was supposed to be today but was rescheduled for next Monday. 😑

I've been getting back into learning coding, among other things, so we may be seeing new things around.. the thing.. in the next couple weeks. 😉

Made some Betty Crocker muffins tonight, blueberry.
I like baking. 😏

I found a little scorpion in my bathtub.

Cool beans.