The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play..

thursday, february 24, 2022

Hello there, Thursday.

Let's see how many games it'll take to complete my Blankos Daily Challenges..
▪ Perform 10 Skills in Block Parties
▪ Clear 10 Checkpoints
▪ Shoot or Hit Another Blanko 20x

And then I was rudely interrupted by my internet disconnecting so the first attempt at playing a game does not count! 😝
I'm also annoyed that my internet would continue disconnecting when the tech that came by yesterday was supposed to have fixed that problem. 🤦‍♀️

Back to the Blankos progress!
That first attempt was a Racing game and I'd gotten through 6 Checkpoints before disconnecting and I'd performed over half of the 10 skills by that point as well.
For the first game after reconnecting, I got another Racing game and completed both of those challenges as well as half of the third and one of the Weekly challenges, "Slam the PLAY Button 10x" that unlocked yesterday, Wednesday. Also, I completed yesterdays Dailies as well as another Weekly, "Perform 40 Skills in Featured Block Parties" and today I got another point into the Weekly "Play Blankos Block Party 3 Days This Week."

Alright, 2nd game, - 3rd if you really want to count that first bit of a game - was luckily a Shooting game! So yeah, finished off that third challenge easy, with 8 KOs. 😂 Note: I really like the Shooting games. 😉😏

But yeah, that's how easy it is to play Blankos and earn the Hype points that unlock rewards.
I could continue to play more games, mind you they are mini games that take no longer than 4 minutes each, and complete more challenges but then I wouldn't have any others until the Dailies reset tomorrow at 9am PST, or the Weeklies, and a handful of Seasonals, that reset/unlock on Wednesdays at 9am PST.