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monday, february 7, 2022

Helloooo, Monday!

I always love a good start of the week. 😏
Stayed up pretty late, running around in another rabbit hole, just so I would wake up later and not have too much morning before my appointment with the doctor and a needle. Gettin' the thyroid checked.

Got my Blankos Dailies taken care of..
.. also, Happy Hour. 😉

What's not so happy is my hunger, since I took my last pill yesterday. 😅
Ah, well, I'm off to get stabbed for my blood. ✌

Well that was fun.
Apparently the doctor's office tried calling me on Friday to reschedule but my voicemail inbox is full and they couldn't leave a message so.. I walked over there for nothing and am now clearing my inbox out and will hopefully receive a call to go get my medication refilled before my new appointment tomorrow morning.

I got a surprise "visit" with three of my kids!
Today is a happy day after all. 😁