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monday, september 27, 2021

Happy Monday!

I say that but I'm honestly not very happy today.
That is, I do usually like Mondays whereas others don't; in fact, someone in my community actually just shared in our venting channel that it is, indeed, Monday, therefore, required venting.

I'm not happy today because of things that transpired last week, carrying on until who knows when..

I suppose I shall fill you in since it's been a whole month and a day since my last update.

Last Wednesday, I finally underwent surgery to fix my umbilical hernia, and pretty excited to be done with it!
However, that news was over-shadowed by the fact that because I was in the hospital for most of the business hours of that day, when packages are delivered, I couldn't be home to receive the three packages I was expecting.
So I recruited my neighbor to help. She agreed that she would, if I left a note on my door telling the delivery carrier to take them to her apartment across from mine, so I did this. Surgery happens, I come home, text the neighbor that I'm home and nothing. I don't hear from her at all Wednesday so Thursday morning, I text her again. It's several hours later when she responds saying that she's not home and won't be for awhile still. Okay, fine, I'll be here all day. (Since I am recovering from a surgery that just happened, and it also helps that I work from home.)
Cue the crickets.
It's just after midnight, Thursday night/Friday morning, I see that my neighbor is online so I text her to let her know that I am still awake and ready for her to bring me my packages and she tells me nothing was delivered. 🤨
Except that I have tracking information for each of the three packages all saying they were, in fact, delivered and received by [insert this neighbor's last name here].
Two of the packages were less than $20 each, some fertilizers for my plants, and while it sucks to be without them, since I've been waiting awhile for them, I don't mind as much. The third, however, was nearly $300 worth of Avon.
Yeah, no,

On a completely different note:
Today is the last day to claim the 2021 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit: a collection of 13 eBooks, 52 eCourses, 5 Workbooks and Printables, 4 Templates, & 1 Membership Site, a total of 75 trainings to help you grow your blog, valued at $6309.98, for just $97!?!
Of course I've already grabbed mine, as an information "junkie," I absolutely love these bundles, not to mention the fact that I have a blog. 😉 Though I haven't yet gotten into any of these goodies because I'm actually currently working on transferring all of the previous bundles I've acquired off of my older PC, and with my internet, or lack thereof, this is going to take awhile. 😅