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wednesday, august 25, 2021

Happy Wednesday!

Oh, hello there!

I cannot stress how stressful it is when the site and emails are offline, I don't know what to do with myself, it's chaos.
Apparently my site host has changed billing to be annual instead of monthly as it was so yeah, the site and emails were suspended for a little bit until I could make that yearly payment.
We're back now and hopefully won't have issue for the next year! 🤞

If only Gordon would behave so I can do what I need and get things caught up..
Yeah, right.. 😏

Oh, hey, this Master Your Money Super Bundle is available this week until Friday! I freaking love these bundles!!

Prepped a few orders to go out sometime in the next week, hopefully.

Gordon and I both needed a nap so we didn't stream.
Gordan got a nap. I watched "Dark Crystal" instead. 😂