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thursday, july 15, 2021

Happy Second Half of 2021!

A little late, I know, but it's okay, I'm here now.
Charlie and Ares were here for the end of June, for Ruthie's Graduation party, until the beginning of July, including the 4th.
And then Gordon mostly died. His power cable anyway so I had to order a new one and that took a little over a week to get here.. but it's here now so I'm back online and everything's going to be okay! ;)

My body hurts today though. Pushed myself a little too hard in exercising the last couple days, wanting to put in as much work as possible before this surgery happens. Not looking forward to post. I'm an active person, I can't do sedentary.
I did manage to finish After Baby: Toning and Cardio Boxing: Silver but it was rough and I just couldn't go any further without really injuring myself again. No, thanks.

Today is Day 4 of the Free to Play Summit!

Also, the 2021 Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle [*] is live until Monday, July 19th!
I absolutely love these bundles!