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wednesday, may 19, 2021

Happy Wednesday!

Sometimes I don't mind waking up so early but today I woke up at about 4:30..
So I got up and did my laundry, had some oatmeal with Vanilla granola, watched Howl's Moving Castle and a friend stream some MegaMan gameplay on Instagram Live.

And promptly took a nap as soon as my laundry was finished drying and collected.

The 2021 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle [*] is live!
Thankfully I've just finished grabbing all the contents from bundles that I'd gotten previously so now I can jump in to this one! I friggin' love these things!
Coming up next month we have the 2021 Writer’s Toolkit as well as a Flash Sale for the 2021 Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle that I missed when it was first released!