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friday, april 9, 2021

Happy Birthday, Kealohi!

My baby is 3 today, I wish we could celebrate together. I miss him.

For some reason my body thought it'd be a good idea to wake me at 6:00 this morning.
Of course I tried to rebel and stayed in bed in hopes of getting a little more sleep but no such luck.
So I got up "for the day" at about 6:30 and started up the Limitless Energy Summit and emails.

Not feeling the greatest today; have a bit of a headache, eyes and nose are a little runny, depression's lurking.. not cool.
I'll definitely be taking a nap at some point today.

9 in the morning, I am given homework to watch up to Episode 80 of *Black Clover*..
I mean.. I probably was going to watch them anyway, I'm on 77 and each episode is less than a half hour long but no way around it now, I have a legit exc--reason. 😉

But first! Oatmeal.

I love this show.
I am really loving the intros and outros being changed up every so often.

Oh! Free game from Epic Games this week is 3 out of 10: Season Two.
Season One looks to be free always anyway so I grabbed that, too.
Gee, if only I could actually play these or any games.. 😏

I was about ready to take that nap but decided to exercise instead. 😅
Turning on my Move! playlist certainly helps to motivate me. AB:T and CB:S done. ✔

Dude! I love this show, I can't stop watching! 😂
But I have to for now. Got to Episode 81 instead. 😜

Aaaand Cardio Boxing: Gold is done.
Can I take that nap now? 🥱

Oh, that's right.. I signed up for this The Productive Garden: How to Make the Most of Whatever Space You Have Zoom class.
I also watched a Loot Crate Instagram Live simultaneously and won an E.T. jacket!?! 🥳
They only had Large's but that's fine! I mean, it's free so I can't complain. 😂😏

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