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thursday, april 8, 2021

Hello there, Thursday!

Finished AB:T, and both CardioBoxings.
Gold was kind of rough, having pains in my right shoulder up my neck and the usual tension in my limbs.
One of these days, I'll type out what that means.. 😅😏

Note to Self: Get more Access.
*adds Access bars and shakes to cart.*
(I originally planned just to note that so I'd see it and add them later but might as well take the two minutes to do it now. 😝)

I was wanting to plant my Orta garden kit today but there's still so much research I need to do before I'll be ready to start. I feel bad 'cause I've had it for a week already but I want to do it right.
I also still need to download all the goodies from The Gardening and Sustainable Living Bundle [*] that goes live next Monday, April 12th, where I got this garden kit, as one of the bonuses, $25 off a couple different kits and I got the Large Microgreen Kit.

I'm so far behind in emails.. among other things. 😅😏
Playing a bit of "catch up" in the Spring Equinox Inspiration Summit that started March 20 going to next Tuesday, April 13th and the Limitless Energy Summit that started Monday, the 5th, going to Sunday, the 11th.

I need to find more quick and easy meals that I can put together ahead of time, I am loving meal-prepping. 😊

Taking a short break for some Black Clover. ♣😉😝♥
I'm seriously considering upgrading to Mega Fan Premium on crunchyroll.
That way my kids and I can watch ad-free 'cause Wholly Heck, Gordon does not like these ads. 😅

No mail today.

Practiced some Japanese for my Daily Duolingo, Day 2.

Well, dang.. a migraine's creeped up and isn't going away so I guess I'm "taking the night off" 😏

Then back to the Current Event and email grind.
Aaaand I just reached the payout threshold for InboxDollars! [*] 🥳🤑