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778 Days
since August 15, 2016

[Shawn] McMillan "calculates a fair settlement by charging the government
$2,000 to $10,000 per child for every day they were in government custody.

Now, just going by the minimum of 2,000, for each of my six,
for each day since they were stolen from me, we're looking at

and then there's #Seven
taken for 172 Days, alone.

The thing is, I couldn't care less about the money.

I mean, yes, it could buy a home for my family, a safe and reliable vehicle,
and anything and everything my kids could possibly need to live comfortably.
And there'd still be well over 9 million left.

I just want my kids home, where they belong.

And the removal of these so-called "Child Protective Service" workers
from the position of having any say over the lives of others, especially children.





The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play