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monday, december 2, 2019

French Toast, doused in syrup, for breakfast. I love French Toast.

So I think having worn the socks yesterday during my exercises certainly burned more as my inner thighs are in pain today but I'm doing it all anyway. #iMPishlyMotivated

Handful of fruity trail mix for a snack.

After finishing the second round of exercises, I made the trip to Dollar General to get a couple things like bread, applesauce (no Mango Peach :*(), and jerky protein packs. On the way there I made the mistake of walking through the wash since we've gotten a bit of rain recently. Not sure how I hadn't noticed all the mud but I walked through it anyway and muddied my shoes, of course, even losing a shoe at one point. So glad I'd chosen not to wear the new shoes, as I don't care to walk through the desert wearing them in any case. I was then commonsensical to walk up and around the wash on the way back; longer but not nearly as dirty. *XD

I almost forgot but Monday calls for Suzie Plays Modded Minecraft - FTB Academy, Episode Eight

Trying to stick to filming and uploading every day of December but having been busy all day, after my stream, and talking with a friend for a bit, here's an update: