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sunday, december 1, 2019

Happy First Day of December!?!

Leftover turkey and Pineapple Stuffing with some Born to Hula Harvest Hot Sauce for breakfast, mmmm.
It's not very often that I indulge in this Chocolate Reaper sauce but my goodness.. XD

So I've been thinking about it and realized that my lack of medication for my darn thyroid may be to blame for my weird moods the last two weeks.. ? Hm.

I may be enjoying learning Japanese a little too much.. XD

I attempted to do my daily exercises while wearing these really soft knee-high socks my sister bought for me during our Black Friday adventure but being really soft socks, I was sliding all over the linoleum floor, especially during lunges, so I had to take them off about 2/3 of the way through the After Baby: Toning. Hadn't thought to try the Cardio Boxing: Silver with them and forgot until I was done with that.

Mango Peach applesauce for a snack. I need to find more of these since the store where I got them doesn't carry them anymore. :(

And so I did do the Cardio Boxing: Gold while wearing the socks and just as I thought, it burned in my legs a little more, I believe, having to stable myself from slipping during the moves. Not so much when I was moving a lot but some of the starter moves are slower-paced, holding each move a bit longer. I then had to take them off again for the NerdFitness Beginner Bodyweight Workout 'cause there're a bunch of lunges in that, too.
Also, in the middle of the NFBBW, I spotted a spider on the wall and it scared the Hell out of me, I felt my heart trying to jump out of my chest!?! I didn't think to have taken a picture of it until I had already squished it. *XD
Took me a minute to calm down and get back in but I did it! Wo0t! #iMPishlyMotivated

I finally managed to film and upload the Suzie plays Modded Minecraft - Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons, Episode Two that I was supposed to do on Friday but I was a little distracted by/with family. XP

I put up my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

I managed to make a little Note to Self, too. ;)