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monday, august 26, 2019

Happy Day!?!

That could be anything!?! But more specifically..

Hi. Happy Monday. :)

Even more so..

Happy #NationalDogDay!?!

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Corky likes to sit on me when I wear black.. #IWearBlackEveryDay #BlackIsMyFavoriteColor #BlackGoesWithEverything #CorkyIsAwesome #DarnDogHair

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I miss you, Corky. ♥

And then we have National #WomensEqualityDay to commemorate the United States Congress passing the 19th Amendment to the Constitution granting women full and equal voting rights on this day, August 26, in 1920. Learn about it more by clicking that link or searching the hashtag on Twitter. ;)

Which brings me to #NationalWebmistressDay since I am a "Webmistress," I'm proud to say, having been coding the iMPish [Thing] myself for the last 17+ years. ;D