The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play..

wednesday, august 14, 2019

Well hello there!
So I'm back again! Feelin' pretty good about my updating somewhat consistently lately though at the same time, I feel like I probably shouldn't have said that so not to jinx myself and disappear for.. ever again.. but oh, well, I said it, it's done. I'ma do as much as I can since I've got some "extra time" tonight. Egh, no, I don't like having said or thought that, either, 'cause Gordon crashed during my stream so I had to end it early. [stare face]

I'm wondering if I should put the updates from days passed here, or make separate pages for those days' instead.. ?!
If I do it all here, that'll be a lot for one day..
Okay, so I'll do those days, I guess.. but make and link them separately, as I add them rather than on the index.. ?! Since it'll be after the fact, when it's actually added, I suppose, would make more sense, maybe.

First, though, I need to add a few things that are happening..

+ Added Dweller Events, passed and present

I lied. I haven't updated any recent other days, yet. Soon. ;)