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tuesday, january 12, 2016

Full Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links.

help!! I've just ordered my first Erin Condren LifePlanner!?!
Don't know what I'm talking about? Feel free to read my what and why here. ;)

anyway.. so I've splurged invested in this thing and..
I'm so excited! But I have no idea where to put it!?! o.0
Planner-related things, that is, here, on the iMPish website/blog [Thing] ;) =P
Normally I would put this stuff in "Help Wanted" (← in the menu) but come on!

This is momentous!

With the start of a new year, a new planner is necessity.
For me, anyway. I need to get my butt organized and get things done.
Sure, other planners would do; Hell, I've considered printing and putting together my own.
Although, I don't have the time, nor a printer, to do everything that it would require of me.
I'm a bit of a perfectionist and simply put, Erin Condren LifePlanner is ideal for me!
I won't bore you with the aforementioned what and why, since I just linked it again! =P
But of course I will say, this at-home mommy of six has some things to do..

With that being said, planning is only an element of getting organized.
I'm in need of a place to alleviate the anarchy that is the iMPish [Thing].
Where I may celebrate my love for office supplies and the like.. ;)

Don't get me wrong, I am no professional but rather one of those

"excuse the mess, my kids are making memories"
"creative minds are rarely tidy"
"a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.."

-type peoples. I don't play well with scrupulous structure and obvious order,
hence, my desire for this corner of coordinated chaos. Things will certainly get a little messy,
but I'll gladly trade mayhem for mementos. ;) =P

Should it have its own spot up in the network?! Or have a subcategory, ← over in the menu?
Or a subsubcategory somewhere 'cause I'm sure it'll play with other bits around i[T], no doubt.
What to call it? the iMPish [Noun] in the network or iMPishly [Adjective] in the menu.. ?
Or something entirely on its own, somewhere between the others. ;D
Please, let me know what you think, down in the comments below. Thanks.

To be honest, I'm especially eager to get methodly materialistic and Rotten.
Yes, there will be a Market place, for organizational goods I use and/or want,
Reviews, when I get the chance to play with said prized preparatory products,
and Giveaways! Opportunities for you to win your own sanity-sustaining spoils!
Know of any I should consider? Please, share below!

I would also like to take my scheming more online, like say YouTube..
for reviews, how-tos, tips and tricks, and/or "how I do"s.. ?
maybe "haul"s/"unboxing"s of occasional treats.. ;) ;)

Nevertheless, I need help! Send me some feedback, assist me in establishing this thing
before my meticulously motivated mind bursts!!
Please and Thank you.

P.S. Sorry if this didn't make sense, I'm overwhelmed with excitement; my mind is a mess, apparently. =P
Feel free to ask questions, too!

Do you have an Erin Condren? Or another planner?
Do you decorate it/them? What products do you use?
What kind of planner-related things do you think I should share on i[T]?
Give me all of your scheming secrets below!

The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play